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Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be a flying ace? Establishing your dominance in the skies, shredding shiny flesh of the hostile planes or ramming them with your own flying machine? Well, now you have that splendid opportunity, right in your pocket, for (almost) free, on iOS and Android. Rejoice!


The visual aspect of the game is remarkably gorgeous. The planes – just like in the World of Tanks – do have historic prototypes after which they have been modeled. Although, I’m not an expert and cannot give you a 100% guarantee that these glorious metal eagles have been reconstructed with microscopic precision.


When it comes to arenas – they can boast of some serious plausibility. For example, you can see picturesque clouds, vivid sunsets, distinct horizon line, contrails and even realistically moving waters of the ocean.

All that spectacular view is carefully illustrated with the aggressive humming of the plane engines (especially it sounds good when you’re in a tailspin), the tight rhythm of the machine-gun fire and of course mesmerizing scenery of your opponent getting finished.  It’s a very authentic gratification of one’s thirst for destruction.

The core of the War Wings  

In the game you sort of time travel to the WWII epoch to prove your brilliance at eradicating metal birds of prey once and for all.

The central mode of the War Wings is a classic dogfight which is a basic PvP with 4 members maximum assigned to each team. Other modes include everyday missions and rare-to-happen special events.

All of them allow you to earn a fair share of ammo, additional weaponry, and research points although a considerable amount of top-tier planes and supplementary death-bringing toys will cost you a Premium account price (up to $113). Although stunning looks are quite promising, I feel rather disappointed after about 5 PvPs

The problem is it’s the same thing all over again: you dodge, you fight, you play race-n-chase with your obnoxious attackers spitting at them red hot iron from the machine gun, do an evasive maneuver available every 40 secs…

And that’s it. After one of you goes down, the samsara makes a circle, and you’re in the same dang fight again. It feels like limbo for the sinful pilots who never greased the gears of their sky-soaring machines.

To compensate for the repetitiveness, the authors offer you a tremendous variety of combat planes. You’ll find here all the legendary names of WWII: from the British Hurricane MK I to the American P-47D.

But still, it’s of a little consolation when you can precisely predict what the next sky combat will be like and there’ll be no chance for you to become a tactician



Mechanics of the game are a pure atrocity and here’s why:

  • The directional pad is too narrow, and you can easily get carried away, moving your fingers outside its circle. As a result, you can involuntarily direct your machine right in the ground or ruin a maneuver.
  • There’s no automatic reload, and you have to check how many bullets you have left all the time.
  • The virtual buttons are located too close to each other, and you can tap on a wrong one during a decisive moment.

Get a life real controller, seriously.

The Sentence

War Wings might be your paradise if you’re a sucker for planes or a WWII history maniac. Otherwise, you can launch this game once a day for 8 minutes maximum. And then shut it without any regrets.

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